In design, it’s what’s inside that counts

. What you see with your eyes on that screen is not “design”. That is the style of your product, the looks, or the graphics that have been chosen for you, the mask that has been put on top of the app, which usually follows a trend, and which can change every year. This year might be the year for gradients, next year could be the year for the pastel colors. The first rule of Design instead is about making something work. A great product is a product which has been designed inside and outside at the same moment, because what’s outside is determined by how it’s inside works, and vice versa. And the beauty of such product is determined by this too. People tell us that our iOS app is very well designed. But how can that be if we just used the standard sdk? Instagram works so well because it’s designed inside and out together in such way that you never have to wait for anything. Women say that beautiful men are those ones who are successful. That’s because their beauty comes from inside. In fact, most of the time, the great products look good because their function makes us think it’s like that.

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